About Us

About Hillel

Hillel is an amazing way to meet all kinds of people. We have a wonderful building right on the edge of campus with a phenomenal garden, 2 student lounges, a Judaic library, a chapel, an industrial-sized Kosher kitchen and cafeteria, computers with Internet access, and a multi-purpose room with TV. We're able to use all this space in addition to the hundreds of places in Iowa City and on campus to bring you a truly diverse set of programs – and we have big plans for this year! We also have many students who end up planning their own things, so if you’re interested in starting, planning, or co-sponsoring a program/event, we’d love to make it happen, because we're always looking for new ideas. 

Our Mission

Hillel’s mission is to be a visible and positively recognized nexus of Jewish life on campus. We aim to inspire Jewish students to create an active and open community with each other as well as the local, national, and world at large. We encourage an open environment where Jewish students (of all knowledge levels and backgrounds) are able learn about their heritage and develop their own unique identity within the world of Jewish pluralism.

University Presence

Hillel has been a part of the University of Iowa almost as long as Jewish students have been at the university. Over the years, Hillel students have sought to build Jewish community on campus and to raise the university and Iowa City communities’ awareness of issues related to culture, ethnicity and basic human rights. Today, Hillel works with other student organizations to serve as an impetus for the development of understanding and friendship with other cultural, ethnic and religious groups within the University and throughout Iowa.

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